Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Commercial Door

Commercial doors are an expensive asset when you choose doors that are both secure and long-lasting. Taking care of commercial doors just takes a little bit of effort; here are some of the most important aspects of door care and maintenance.  Don't Prop Doors Open Propping open a door can cause damage in many ways. For one, if the door isn't meant to be held open in that position, it can affect the hinges and the door's alignment. Read More 

Using ID Cards To Improve Workplace Safety

With public shootings seemingly on the rise, improving the overall security of your company's commercial space should be a top priority. Paying close attention to the type of access your employees have can be the first step when it comes to ensuring the safety of your business. Switching from a traditional key system to a system based on ID cards for access can be beneficial. Here are three ways that using ID cards can improve workplace safety in the future. Read More 

Why Should You Have The Locks Changed In Your New Place?

If you have recently bought a new home you want to have a locksmith come out and change all of the locks in your house, as well as in any outbuildings and on the garage. Here are some examples that will give you a clear picture of some of the reasons why you would want to have them all changed: The previous tenants may still have keys If the previous owners had rented out the property to tenants, those tenants may not have turned over the keys when they moved out. Read More 

Unique Spots To Hide Your Spare House Key

If you would like to make sure that you are never going to be stuck outside of you home because you forgot or lost your regular house key, you will want to carefully hide a key on your property. This way, should you find yourself stuck glaring at the door because you cannot get in, you can easily recall where the spare key is hidden and quickly gain entrance. Under A Decoration In The Flower Bed Read More 

Door And Lock Tips For Dog Owners

If you are a dog owner, there is a good chance that you want to make sure that your dog can easily relieve him or herself while you are at work, especially if you have a fenced in yard. You might think that a doggy door is the best solution because it will allow your dog to enter and exit the house at will. However, you might worry about the doggy door undermining the security of your home. Read More