Here’s How To Take Care Of Your Commercial Door

Commercial doors are an expensive asset when you choose doors that are both secure and long-lasting. Taking care of commercial doors just takes a little bit of effort; here are some of the most important aspects of door care and maintenance. 

Don't Prop Doors Open

Propping open a door can cause damage in many ways. For one, if the door isn't meant to be held open in that position, it can affect the hinges and the door's alignment. Whatever you use to prop open the door might also scratch the frame. Finally, if the wind catches the door and it's not being properly held in place, it may bang against either wall and cause damage to itself, the walls around it, or even a nearby person. There are hold-open door units that you can install with the help of a commercial door repair team if you frequently need to leave the door open. 

Don't Get the Door Wet

It's easy to accidentally get the door wet when you are hosing down equipment or there is a spill nearby. But water on the commercial door's mechanical equipment can lead to rust, and with electrical components, it can spell malfunction. So, keep hoses away from water, and focus on absorbing water before it hits the door if there's a spill. 

Make Sure the Weatherproofing Is Current

Your commercial door relies on a strong outer coating of chemicals to make it less vulnerable to the weather. But that sealant can wear off. Ask your commercial door repair team if there's anything you can do to make your door more current. If you decide to paint the door or make other adjustments, ensure that your new materials won't affect the old weatherproofing seals on the door. 

Troubleshoot Issues

Don't let problems like slow opens or slamming continue; they can take a toll on the door. A slow open could be an early sign of hardware or electrical issues. Slamming of the door will bend the frame eventually. All of these problems can easily be addressed by a commercial door repair team. 

Don't Leave Your Door Vulnerable

A door that looks easy to pry open will be one that's vulnerable. An attack on your building may not be successful, but it may leave the door hurting and ready to be replaced. Choose strong doors and consult a commercial locksmith so that your doors become less attractive to intruders. 

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