Using ID Cards To Improve Workplace Safety

With public shootings seemingly on the rise, improving the overall security of your company's commercial space should be a top priority. Paying close attention to the type of access your employees have can be the first step when it comes to ensuring the safety of your business. Switching from a traditional key system to a system based on ID cards for access can be beneficial.

Here are three ways that using ID cards can improve workplace safety in the future.

1. ID cards prevent unwanted access.

By opting to install ID card readers on each of your company's doors, you can easily control who has access to various rooms within your commercial space. Since ID cards rely on a complex circuit to unlock a door, there is little risk of an employee's card being stolen and duplicated by someone with ill intent.

Physical keys can be easy to copy, leaving your company vulnerable to unwanted access. Make the choice to switch to ID cards for your employees to eliminate unwanted access throughout your property in the future.

2. ID cards allow you to lock down your facility.

In the event that someone does force their way into your commercial property, having door locks that are powered using ID cards can be beneficial. You can easily program the access control panels on each door to lock, restricting access to a portion of your property.

This feature allows you to quarantine your employees away from a gunman or robber, ensuring that your employees will be able to stay safe during a frightening event.

3. ID cards allow you to identify suspicious behavior.

Each time an ID card is used to open a door within your commercial space, a digital record is created. This record includes the badge number, door, and time at which the door was opened. You can generate access reports using these digital records to determine if any of your employees are engaging in suspicious behavior.

Employees that enter non-work areas or linger too long in restricted areas could be up to no good. Having the opportunity to identify suspicious behavior using the digital records created with ID badges lets you address this behavior before it becomes a safety risk.

Once you are able to see how ID cards can help to improve the safety of your workplace, it becomes easy to see why you should invest in ID cards to allow your employees access to your commercial property in the future. Reach out to a business like Arapahoe County Security Center Inc for more information.