Why Should You Have The Locks Changed In Your New Place?

If you have recently bought a new home you want to have a locksmith come out and change all of the locks in your house, as well as in any outbuildings and on the garage. Here are some examples that will give you a clear picture of some of the reasons why you would want to have them all changed:

The previous tenants may still have keys

If the previous owners had rented out the property to tenants, those tenants may not have turned over the keys when they moved out. This means they still have all of the keys to the doors in your house and you should not feel very safe about this.

The previous tenants may have made copies of the keys

Maybe the previous tenants did turn over all of the keys to the owners when they vacated, but not before they went down and made copies of the keys made. This means you still have all the same reasons for concern as mentioned above.  

Other people have keys to the house

Just about anyone could have extra sets of keys to the house that you have now purchased. They could have ended up with them through any means. There is no way to track down all the possible people who can be walking around with the keys to just enter right into your home as if they themselves live there.

People could be coming and going without you even knowing

When anyone can have the keys to your house they can be getting in and out on a regular basis. They can be sneaking in and eating your food, showering, going through your belongings and taking anything they want and this includes things that you may not even notice for a long time, if ever.

People may decide to just rob you altogether

There's also a very good chance that someone who has your keys can decide to rob you all in one day when you are gone. You can come home to find that you have been robbed of just about everything that you own.

Someone can sneak in and install cameras in the house

When any random stranger holds the keys to your house some sick person can even sneak in and install cameras in the house so they can watch you. This thought alone should be enough to terrify you to no end and leave you reaching for the phone to call out a locksmith to change all your locks right away.

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