When To Call The Commercial Locksmith To Repair Or Replace Locks

You can reduce the chances of your business suffering losses when you recognize times the locks should be repaired or replaced. Any time you leave your business vulnerable due to issues with the locks, you run the risk of it being burglarized. Here are examples of when to call a commercial locksmith

There has been a break-in or attempted break-in

If you have any reason to believe that there was an attempted break-in or a break-in at your business, then, along with the police, you also want to call the locksmith right away. You won't want to leave your business even more vulnerable with locks that have already been compromised. A commercial locksmith should be able to come right out while you wait and take care of the lock for you. 

Anyone has lost their keys

Let all the keyholders in your business know that they must report lost keys to you immediately. If any of the keys to your business end up gone, then you want to have a locksmith come to replace all the locks those keys went to immediately. You shouldn't impose any fees or repercussions on your employees for lost keys, because you want them to tell you right away if they lose them.

A keyholder is no longer with the business

If you have an employee leave who has the keys to your business, you should call the commercial locksmith and have the locks changed right away. This is still advisable even if they left on amicable terms and gave you the keys back. Keep in mind, even keys engraved with the words "Do Not Duplicate" are still at risk of being copied. 

A lock is malfunctioning

The locks to your business should always be in good working condition. If there is ever any problem with them, then you should act quickly and call the locksmith out. Some problems you can have with your locks include them being loose, the keys not fitting properly, the locks not unlocking right away, the locks sticking, or anything else is happening with them. The locksmith might be able to easily fix the lock you have. However, if the best solution would be to change the lock completely, they can do this for you. When you call the locksmith out for one lock, it's a good idea to ask them to check all your locks. Being proactive like this can better secure your business.