Four Ways A Commercial Locksmith Can Keep Your Business Safe

While a break-in anywhere can be traumatizing, a break-in at your place of business can be financially devastating for several parties, from your employees to vendors, to even your customers. It has the potential to cost thousands, or in some cases, even millions of dollars, not to mention the peace of mind that comes from always worrying whether or not your business is safe.

If you've been thinking about beefing up your own security, here are a few fantastic reasons to consider hiring commercial locksmith services.

Safeguard Valuable Inventory

Aside from your employees, your inventory is most likely your most important asset, so you have to make sure it's safe. Standard locks that are bought at any department store can be broken or hacked into with relative ease, but a commercial locksmith will use locks that use patented keys. The only way to acquire these is from the manufacturer, which means that anyone that doesn't have approval from the lock owner won't be able to break through. When it comes time to service those locks, they must also be done by someone who specializes in commercial locksmith services.

Protect Against Disgruntled Ex-Employees

When an employee is removed from the company, for whatever reason, it's standard procedure across all industries to return your keys. Not everyone does, however, which results in theft or property damage, both of which can take serious money out of your pocket. A commercial locksmith can rekey your business's locks quickly if you feel it's necessary, but it's still not a bad idea to have them changed every few years to prevent access to your business from falling into the wrong hands.

Active Surveillance

Good monitoring doesn't just include having a new key in your door, it can also mean having sensors on the windows that are activated by a keypad (or an app), or motion detectors that come on at a certain time. Residential security systems are not robust enough to handle a large warehouse with multiple points of entry, so you'll need to hire commercial locksmith services to provide the level of security your business needs.

Varied Punch Code Locks

Not every part of your business needs to be secured the same way. Whether it's the room where the safe is or the office that holds company records, you'll want tighter security around your most valuable assets. A trained commercial locksmith will work with you to strengthen the security in the areas that need it the most, making sure the most important parts of your business are safe.