Hiring Pet Sitters For The First Time? Get Help From A Locksmith Beforehand

After buying a home, you may have spent a while settling in with your family, but now you are ready to go on vacation. If you are planning a family vacation, you may intend on investing in pet sitting services to take care of your pets while you are away from home. When you are hiring a pet sitter for the first time, you should hire a locksmith beforehand to get your property ready.

Front Door Lock

An essential feature to work on is the front door because this is where your pet sitter will gain access to your home. Although you could make an extra key or two and hand them over to the pet sitter, you may not be comfortable with giving out your keys for a pet sitter to keep.

In this situation, you should upgrade to an electronic door lock that comes with the ability to generate and delete PIN codes at any time. This is a great improvement to your home security because you can delete access to the PIN code after the pet sitter stops by for the last time.

Interior Locks

While you may expect your pet sitter to spend time in certain parts of the house while they take care of your pets, you may not want them to have easy access to every room. Installing interior door locks on the bedroom and bathroom doors is worthwhile because you can restrict access to certain rooms. You may even want to get locks for certain cabinets to protect the items inside.

Burglar Safe

If you have been thinking about adding a burglary safe for a while, you should not hesitate to make plans to install one before you leave on vacation. Having a heavy and bolted down safe will give you a place where you can put important documents and valuables with confidence. Having it installed in one of the rooms that you intend on locking will further improve the security.

Surveillance Cameras

Although you may not want to add surveillance cameras throughout your entire home, you should not hesitate to install one that points towards the front door. Getting a modern camera will allow you to hook it up so that you can look at the live feed and old footage at any time. With this setup, you can make sure that your pet sitter shows up to take care of your pets.

Getting help from a service, like A locksmiths, will give you peace of mind when hiring a pet sitter to watch over your pets while you are on vacation with your family.