How to Deal with a Lockout, Dead Battery, or Flat Tire

Roadside emergencies happen, but it's important that you know the best ways to address them. These moments can make your heart beat out of your chest with anxiety, so you need to have a strategy ahead of time. Every driver goes through one of these emergencies eventually, so try your best to calm down and act accordingly. This article will help you know how to address some car emergencies. 

Take steps to care for your battery and jump your car when you need to.

Batteries die for a lot of reasons. You may have a bad alternator, the battery could have run its course, or cold weather could have sapped the power. Regardless of why your battery is failing you, it's important to do your best to handle it so that you aren't stranded for too long. Buy jumper cables and keep them in your trunk so that you can get a boost from another driver without having to rely on their cables. Better yet, buy a jumper pack that lets you jump the battery without even needing another driver. You can insulate your battery so that it stays on in cold weather, and buy better battery cables to also avoid problems. 

Deal with a lockout as quickly as you can.

You also need to get in your car fast if you accidentally lock the keys inside. Buy a key system that alerts you whenever you're about to lock the keys in or take safeguards to prevent this from happening. Otherwise, you should get a roadside service plan that will help you unlock your doors after a lockout. You can also call some mobile locksmiths in your city that can open the doors and assist you when dealing with this sort of emergency. Choose a locksmith based on BBB references and call around to know how much you'll pay. 

Keep a spare tire and jack handy.

If your vehicle doesn't have a spare, fear not—you can buy one for about $100. Make sure that the spare fits your car so that it can help you when you're stalled out with a flat. You need to find a credible tire shop that can fix the flat or sell you a new tire fast. You may also have to get a wheel alignment to make sure that your vehicle drives properly.

Be prepared to deal with a tire, lockout, or battery issue.