Purchasing A New Gun And Have Kids? Different Types Of Gun Safes To Keep Your Kids Safe

If you are planning to purchase a gun, it is important that you keep it in a safe place. This is because statistics show that one child is killed every other day in a gun accident. Fortunately, there are many types of gun safes available on the market today. Below is some more information about this so you can choose the safe that will work out best for you.

Types of Gun Safes

One type is a biometric gun safe, which is the most secure and advanced. With this safe, the only way you can open it is with your fingerprint, or any fingerprints that you set up. This safe is very easy to open so you would have quick access to your gun if needed. You simply place your finger on a scanner and the safe immediately opens.

Another type of guns safe is an in-wall gun safe, which is directly installed into a wall cavity. Not only does this prevent your children from getting to the gun, these safes cannot be stolen. You can find them in a variety of lock options, such as electric keypad, combination lock, or a fingerprint lock. You can find them in a variety sizes so you can find one that will fit the size of your gun.

You should also choose a gun safe that is fireproof. The gun safe you purchase will likely be made of steel, and steel can stand up to very high temperatures. Very high heat does penetrate inside the safe, however, which can cause damage to anything inside of it. When purchasing the safe, ask the salesperson if it has been rated for fireproofing.

Safes that are resistant to fires are designed to protect the contents inside by keeping the internal temperature at a low level.

Types of Hidden Gun Safes

There are hidden gun safes available on the market. For example, you can purchase a bookshelf that has a safe built into one of the shelves. You can then store books or anything else you want on the bookshelf and it looks completely normal to anyone.

You can also purchase furniture that has a gun safe. Nightstands, beside tables, end tables, coffee tables, and even the box spring on your bed are available. There are tables where the top lifts and the sides open outward to reveal a secrete drawer. If you have one single hand gun, you can find gun safes that look like books. These "books" are a metal box that locks. Mantle clocks are also available as a way to hide you gun.

Talk with a company that sells safes in your area to learn much more about them. You can also check out sites like http://scscincus.com.