Three Ways A Locksmith Can Help A Car Owner With Key And Lock Problems

If you ever get locked out of your car, like most car owners, you know that a locksmith can open your car so you can get to your keys. But there are many other services that a locksmith can help a car owner with. The following are a few of them.

They can remove a broken key

If you break off your key attempting to open the door, often a locksmith can remove the broken piece without the need to repair or change the lock. Even if you have a spare key that you keep in your purse or wallet and are able to open another door, such as the passenger side door and crawl to the driver's seat to start the car, you still need to have the piece removed as soon as possible. A locksmith can also make a duplicate key for any make or model vehicle to replace the broken key. There is no need to visit your dealership. One locksmith can do both jobs

The can replace transponder keys

If your vehicle uses a transponder key, and many of them do, you will need to have both a duplicate of the key made as well as a new chip that has yet to be programmed. Often car owners think they need to go to their local dealership for this work, but many locksmiths provide this service as well. You can compare prices, but it is common for a locksmith to offer a better price than a dealer does. In addition, they will come to your location to perform this service. Some locksmiths require an appointment before replacing a transponder key.

They can change the lock

Anytime you lose your keys, you need to change out the lock in your vehicle. It is possible for someone to know who the keys belong to, and then simply help themselves to your car when you are not around. There may be a temptation to use a spare key or make a duplicate key, but for security reasons, you need to change your lock. Depending upon the make and model of your vehicle and the system it uses, you may also have to change to ignition lock too.

With all of the advancement in technology for locking a car, the modern locksmith has the skills and knowledge to solve whatever problem you are having. Find a locksmith, or visit a site like, that can meet your future needs, and then keep their number handy for any future problem you have with your vehicle.